Example of Reflective Teaching

Excerpt from 2006 Annual Review

As an instructional designer by training, reflection on multiple aspects of a course frequent my mind.  Typically, I thoughtfully consider elements such as the pacing, scaffolding, authenticity of activities, usefulness of course materials, and interactive feedback from students and colleagues.  Ultimately, I use this reflection to identify specific areas of a course that need improvement and note ideas raised by students or colleagues related to such improvements. One example of my ongoing reflective practice relating to EXC 7700 Teacher as Researcher is highlighted below. 

Description of Efforts to Improve Teaching Effectiveness

Efforts to improve the effectiveness of my teaching include more of a focus on differentiating instruction to meet the learning needs and pace of adult learners.  Specific strategies to improve EXC 7700 (Teacher As Researcher) include modification of the course outline to introduce experiences such as Galileo training and APA style at the onset of the course. 

The amount of content presented in this course is extensive particularly for a summer session where students are spending eight hours a day in class.  I plan to utilize more outside readings and online resources to support studentís acquisition of primary concepts rather than devote class time to the presentation of information.  In line with Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles, I also plan to utilize multiple examples of performance now that Iíve taught the course.  Finally, as I reflect of future improvements, I will take more time to lay the foundation for this approach and seek to build a higher level of understanding for this style among students.

In addition to course specific efforts to improve teaching effectiveness, I collaborated with faculty across departments to re-design the masters level research course.  This course will now be considered as the foundational research course for the upper level research courses for the Ed.S. & Ed.D. program.

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